Poison Center Notification solution for SAP EH&S: PCN-Submission

1- Context

Under the implementation of Article 45 of the CLP Regulation, entities placing certain hazardous mixtures on the market have to provide information to national appointed bodies. This information is then used by the poison centers to provide the advice. Notification of mixtures that have a health or physical effect classification is mandatory in Member States were product is placed on the market. How the notification process works is determined by national laws.

Annex ll of the EU regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals (REACH) sets out the requirements for safety data sheets (SDS) in Europe. It states that if a poison centre is given the status of being an ‘Official Advisory Body’ (OAB) then its telephone number must be included in section 1.4 of the SDS. Notification of the mixture is often required to gain access to this number. Article 45 of CLP only cites mixtures that have a health or physical effect classification.

2- Business need

Companies want to automate and simplify the notification of dangerous product data to Poison Centers (PCN: Poison Center Notification). To avoid one by one manual and time-consuming recording, they need mass submissions using structured data files (with SDS and Labels in appendix) to the country specific Poison Center. They also have to minimize the risk of incoherence, being sure exactly the same data is submitted to Poison Centers, are on SDS and are on Labels.

3- The eSpheres approach

Use SAP EH&S Product Safety data and existing SDS & labels to avoid recoding, additional data transfer and to ensure the coherence between:

  • SAP EH&S data,
  • SDS,
  • Labels
  • and PCN data.

4-The eSpheres solution for PCN

The eSpheres PCN solution is fully integrated within SAP EH&S Product Safety. It is open to customer and country specific customizing and enhancements.

4.1- Advantages

  • No double coding, less work
  • Guarantee of coherence
  • No transfer to intermediate application
  • Reliability & security, 100% in SAP
  • SDS & Labels can either be used “as-is”, or regenerated or downloaded from a 3d party solution
  • Full traceability with detailed statuses per mass Submission, Material and Specification.

4.2- Implementation

The eSpheres solution is implemented 100% in ABAP re-using SAP EH&S data, WWI Templates, Worklist Management, Report Management and other Product Safety features for a great effectiveness and reliability.

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