SAP EH&S Product Safety Tools

Do you want tools to ease your work with SAP EH&S Product Safety ?
Do you want to simplify complex operations ? Do you want to save time ?

We have many tools available:

  1. to change specification identifiers
  2. to change specification statuses
  3. to change specification headers
  4. to ease access to rule sets execution logs
  5. to upload or download many files to the SAP server
  6. to export specification data
  7. to generate new EHS reports for one variant but many specifications
  8. to generate new EHS reports for many specification, variant, language combinations
  9. to check phrases (at header level)
  10. to check phrase items
  11. to check phrases to phrase sets assignments
  12. to change statuses of many Raw reports
  13. to check who is allowed to execute rule sets and on which substances: rule sets permission checks and coherence checks
  14. Tools to process DAT files
  15. and several others...

These tools are options on our SAP EH&S Maintenance and Support services or can be purchased separately.

You want to know more ? contact us to get a userid and download our  solution description (only for registered users).