SAP EH&S/Product Safety and Stewardship Consulting

All around HSE business consulting, SAP® EHS/PSS consulting and implementation services.

Technology by itself is not a solution. Depending on your company's requirements, eSpheres tailors consultancy and implementation services to deploy and integrate the SAP® EHS/PSS modules and deliver quick and sustainable results.


Designing a SAP® EH&S/PSS implementation that works well with your systems (ERP and data warehouse) is one of the most challenging tasks in a SAP project. Poorly designed architecture can take years to correct. SAP EHS(M) solution design is an area where a few outside experts can make a huge difference on a project for which dozens of employees and conventional consultants need to be involved.

eSpheres' experts understand your enterprise, including your IT architecture, ERP systems and data warehouses. But our biggest differentiator is that we understand your business needs, your compliance requirements and we focus on real business scenarios.

eSpheres can help you with SAP EHS and Product Safety and Stewardship specialized consultants, for all functional areas of related to Chemical Product safety:

  • Product Safety
  • Substance Volume Tracking
  • Dangerous Goods Management
  • ...

With our network or with remote work, we can help you everywhere.


Migrating your SAP Product Safety and Stewardship (SAP EH&S) databases to SAP HANAùù or shifting applications to **SAP S4 demands a keen understanding of both functionality and applications.

In these critical projects, eSpheres consultants are your strategic partners, ensuring a smooth transition without costly mistakes. Their expertise not only facilitates the migration process but also safeguards against potential business disruptions.

With a deep understanding of SAP systems, eSpheres guides you through these initiatives, minimizing risks and optimizing the efficiency of SAP Product Safety and Stewardship in the upgraded landscapes of SAP HANA or SAP S4.