Business Impact Analysis for SAP EH&S Product Safety

For any reason but especially during a Regulatory Content update, you want to:

  • compare product GHS classifications and Labeling before and after a Regulatory Content update
  • compare a lot of product data between your Production and Quality systems
  • detect changes in a large set of products
  • compare GHS classifications between different validity areas for many products

eSpheres offers different tools to simplify your work and ease your life in those matters. These tools are options on our SAP EH&S Maintenance service. They can also be purchased as distinct services. Contact us for more information.

Business case example

Your objective is to assess the impact of new regulatory data (list_sub) and new Rule Sets on your finished products.

You target:

  • many products,
  • a limited set of defined properties.

Our main deliverable is a comparison spreadsheet to identify deviations. Each identified deviation has to be classified by key-users:

  1. technical error, or
  2. change to be managed.

eSpheres has developed a set a reusable tools to produce such comparison spreadsheets based on specific inputs:

  1. list of "critical" VAT and properties;
  2. reference data (expected outputs, for instance, outputs of the previous run).

1000 substances, having on averages classifications on 12 validity areas, multiplied by 2 systems (to compare PROD and QUAL) generate 24.000 rows (!!). Without a specialized comparison table, sortable, with filters, this cannot be managed. With eSpheres tools, it is much easier.