Mass Data Change for SAP EH&S

Do you have to change a lot of substance data in SAP EH&S ?
Do you lack the required functional and technical skills to proceed efficiently ?
Do you want an effective and reusable process to transform a lot of substance data in SAP EH&S ?

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Business case example

Business Context

You are using for many years SAP EH&S Product Safety for SDS authoring. The compliance of products and SDS is a key element for you with sales everywhere around the world.

Your Objectives

Complex changes have to be applied to a lot of specification data using a process easy to test and with possibility of rollback if needed.


eSpheres uses proven methodology and tools to:

  1. Export data into a file
  2. Read the exported file and produce a modified file
  3. Import the modified file

Complex and massive change operations are easier with quality control within a couple of days instead of weeks.