Logistic and Transportation

Logistic and Transportation companies are Downstream Users, they use several chemical substances, either on their own or in a mixture (paints, solvents, lubricants, cleaners, combustibles, propellants, etc...). The safe use of chemicals is an important challenge for their employee Health and Safety.

Managing the information received (or that should be received) from their suppliers, keeping the workers informed and correctly trained are not-easy tasks. eSpheres combines experience and practice in these areas.

eSpheres is a spin-out of Solvay, a major chemical manufacturer in the world. eSpheres managers and consultants cumulate decades of experiences in HSE Information management.

Our services: SAP EH&S Maintenance, SAP EH&S Support, SAP EH&S consulting, our Specialities and our Tools are complementary means and offered to all sectors using or producing chemicals.

The information flow suppliers -> user -> workers is a key element for the safe use of chemicals. This is the core competence of eSpheres.