Data Import for SAP EH&S

Do you lack the required functional and technical skills to efficiently import a lot of substance data in SAP EH&S ?
Do you want an effective and reusable process to import substance data in SAP EH&S ?

We are specialized in SAP EH&S data import. We minimize your workload, we control our quality, we deliver quickly !

We master different import tools and we convert your files into SAP EH&S compatible data files.

Our best practice

  1. File conversion

    Give us any structured file (XLS, ODT, CSV, JSON, XML,) or an even unstructured file (PDF), and we'll convert it into an format convenient for validation (if needed) and import.

  2. Data mapping

    We map or convert your individual data into SAP EH&S compatible data, for instance, converting your text into SAP EH&S Phrases.

  3. Data validation

    We validate data to detect errors or incoherence before they reach SAP EHS

  4. Data import

    We import data using standard tools (the so-called "DAT" files) or using our proprietary tools (based on the JSON format). eSpheres' tools give clearer error messages, easier long text processing, more import options than the SAP standard tools and are able to process inheritance relationships (for instance, to import relationships between LIST_SUB and PURE_SUB specifications).

Business case examples

Business context

You have acquired a company and you have to take-over the SDS authoring of about 500 products. SDS are only available as PDF files, only the compositions are available in a spreadsheet.

Your objective

Your objective is to enable the "re-authoring" of SDS with your own format and business rules, as easily as possible for your users.


eSpheres have processed the available SDS files (pdf) and imported all needed data in your SAP EH&S system.
Using substance data and expert Rules of the Sphera® regulatory content, the "re-authoring" of SDS for many countries in many languages is now easy and 100% aligned with your other documents.