Fast Regulatory Content Connector (Fast-RCC)

Do you need to speed-up the load of substance data into SAP EH&S ?
Do you have to be sure you load all relevant substance data without missing anything ?

1- Context

The loading of substances and dangerous goods data from the Regulatory Contents using SAP Open Content Connector (OCC) is really time consuming and the quality of operations cannot easily be assessed.
The SAP "normal load" function is very time consuming:

  • It only works for a very limited number of substances
  • All the "groups" must be checked, substance per substance (time issue)
  • Without this manual operation, we cannot know what is loaded or not (quality issue)

The SAP "AutoLoad" function saves time but:

  • Only already loaded data are correctly updated
  • New data are not loaded
  • Not already loaded data are not updated
  • It is not easy to know what have been loaded and what doesn't

The standard process requires about 6 to 10 men.days for the detailed processing of 2000 substances.

2- Business need

  1. To accelerate the periodic load of substance data (list_sub) into SAP EH&S to save time and money.
  2. Ensure the quality of the loading process (be sure we load all needed data).

3- The eSpheres solution

eSpheres has developed an innovative "Fast Regulatory Content Connector" (Fast-RCC) tool enabling time savings and quality control.

Fast-RCC allows you to take decisions using many axis:

  • substance ("List_sub")
  • property
  • group
  • region

With a couple of clicks, you decide to load (for instance) data for a specific property for all your substances ! All decisions are recorded and can be documented. You can also easily retrieve all "not loaded" data and all "not (yet) decided" data. Fast-RCC does a difference between the decision phase and the load phase.

We currently support:

  • Verisk 3E EHS Regulatory Content (former SAP ERC)
  • Sphera Data Link for SAP EH&S

4. Advantages

As-is: current pains (without Fast-RCC)

  • Time consuming process, substance per substance: about 6 to 10 m.d for 2000 substances
  • Decisions to load or not to take per substance or data per data
  • Lack of traceability, no difference between a data not loaded because we have decided or because we have ignored it
  • Slow access to substance regulatory data details
  • No way do detect duplicated or obsolete data

To-be: gains (with Fast-RCC)

  • Much faster than normal OCC, the typical processing time is divided by a factor 10: about 1 m.d to process 2000 substances.
  • Decisions can be taken on thousands of cases in a couple of clicks at substance, data instance or group levels
  • Full traceability of the decisions (who, when, why)
  • Efficient exploration of a huge amount of data (typically >> 100.000 records) with fast access to the details of the substance regulatory data
  • Duplicated and/or obsolete data are easily detected and marked as "inactive" or can be deleted
  • Customer specific data are also detected and can be "reloaded as-is", marked as "inactive" or deleted.
  • Group (in)compatibility analysis
  • Convenient display of group's validity areas
  • Advanced search features, by regions, key values, etc...
  • Automation with Business rules (for instance, to load liquid related groups and not those related to gas and solid forms, if the substance is a liquid)
  • On-line or off-line data load
  • Reporting tools (Microsoft Excel or PDF downloads)
  • and many more

You want to know more ?

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