Trainings about SAP or 3E EH&S Rule Sets

Do you need a better understand of Rule Sets delivered within the SAP/3E EHS Regulatory Content (3E ERC) ?
Do you have to know the main parameters of 3E ERC Rule Sets ?

eSpheres provides training's about SAP/3E Rule Sets delivered with the SAP/3E Regulatory Content. We target SDS authors and internal IT consultants supporting EHS Product Safety.

Each training can be delivered in our premises or on site and cover the following topics:

  1. Objective of the Rules Set
  2. Context
  3. Calculation scheme
  4. Main input data
  5. Main output data
  6. Prerequisites
  7. Options
  8. Common errors
  9. FAQ
  10. References

You want to know more ? Contact us to get a userid and download an  extract of our GHS EU training material (only for registered users, 17/64 pages).

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