SAP EH&S Expert Rule Sets Tuning

The Verisk-3E EH&S Regulatory Content (3E ERC) gives to us many Expert Rule Sets to help you to classify products (GHS classification), to recognize hazardous components (the HC family) and many others. Most of these Expert Rule Sets can be tuned to specific your specific needs. But this flexibility has a side effect...

You have adapted a lot of Expert Rules sets by changing parameters and/or the mapping.

These adaptations require a lot of time during each Regulatory Content update.

  • Do you want to save time ?
  • Do you want to be sure about the quality of changes ?
  • Do you want an efficient and reproducible process to tune many SAP EH&S Expert Rule Sets ?

eSpheres has solutions to simplify this painful maintenance:

  • the full service:

    1. we formalize with you the changes to be applied using a convenient Domain Specific Language1 we have developed 2
    2. at each regulatory content update,
      • we apply these changes for you
      • we deliver to you the modified files and change reports
  • the smart tool only:

    1. we train you to formalize the changes to be applied using the Domain Specific Language we have created
    2. you proceed yourselves.

Huge time saving and no risk of error

With both solutions, the change of parameters and mappings of 50 Expert Rule Sets3 delivered within a Regulatory Content update package requires less than 1 hour. Compare this performance with the time you need to do it manually !

Contact-us for more information.

  1. Domain Specific Language on Wikipedia 

  2. this step is only mandatory the very first time we proceed, after, we manage only updates. 

  3. 50 Expert Rules Sets means 50 mapping files and 50 parameter files to update.