Our projects

Industrial paints and composites

The customer uses for many years SAP EH&S Product Safety for SDS authoring. They wanted to automate and simplify the notification of dangerous product data to Poison Centers (PCN: Poison Center Notification). As more than 80% of the required data are already in SAP EH&S, the use of automatic transfers between SAP EH&S and ECHA is obvious.

eSpheres has successfully implemented 3E-Notify for SAP-EHS, the Verisk-3E solution in the customer SAP EHS landscape, with a special data initialization tool (see our 1 minute demo video). They can now easily prepare and submit a notification in a couple of minutes.


Industrial paints and composites

The customer uses for many years SAP EH&S Product Safety for SDS authoring. The compliance of products and SDS is a key element for the customer with sales everywhere around the world.

They want fast and efficient regulatory content updates minimizing the disturbances on SDS authoring and distribution processes

The customer entrusts eSpheres for all SERC update activities. During the last update, eSpheres has installed SERC 1711, 1802, 1805, 1810 in one short project with the best combination of processes and tools for project control, and an improved change management at product and substance level by the key-users.


  • 15 users
  • 12000 products
  • 1400 substances
  • 30 men.day
  • 4 weeks project duration
  • 3 weeks preparation in QAS
  • 1 week actions in PRD

Pharma manufacturing company

The customer delivers API1 worldwide and uses SAP EHS for SDS and Workplace Instruction Card (WIC) authoring.

They want to ease the access to SDS and WIC for their sales people and workers using an intranet portal. In a short time frame, eSpheres has developed a user-friendly portal application (web-dynpro) to display or download SDS and WIC as PDF files, selected by simple criteria

  • product name (PROD or SYN)
  • product number (CAS or EC)
  • material name
  • material number

A 1 minute demo video is available.

  1. API = Active pharmaceutical ingredient 

Pharma manufacturing company

The customer delivers API1 worldwide and uses SAP EHS for SDS and Workplace Instruction Card authoring.

eSpheres supports their SAP EHS users, solving their issues, answering IT and regulatory questions, handling small and medium changes to ensure compliance but also the efficiency of their processes.

eSpheres delivers the needed expertise for both SAP EHS and regulatory topics, with efficiency, flexibility, low volume commitment and adapted Service Levels. Support request are managed using tickets in the eSpheres' ticketing application, with a user-friendly customer portal.

  1. API = Active pharmaceutical ingredient 

Speciality chemicals (metal processing products)

The customer has acquired a business and has to take-over the SDS authoring of about 500 products. SDS are only available as PDF files, only the compositions are available in a spreasheet.

To enable the "re-authoring" of SDS with this customer's format and rules, as easily as possible for their users.

eSpheres has processed the available SDS files (pdf) and imported all needed data needed in the customer's SAP EH&S system. Using substance data and expert rules of the Sphera regulatory content, the "re-authoring" of SDS for many countries in many languages is now easy and 100% aligned with the other customer's documents.


  • About 500 real_sub to create
  • 20 properties
  • 440 pure_sub inheriting from...
  • 400 list_sub
  • 50 new phrases
  • 10 updated phrase_sets

Worldwide advanced materials and specialty chemicals

The customer is an early adopter of SAP EH&S Product Safety for SDS authoring. As the compliance is critical for sales everywhere around the world, he has "tuned" most of the expert-rules delivered in the SAP EHS Regulatory Content (SERC). But this tuning was highly time consuming and has to be done (manually) during each SERC major update.

The objectives was to drastically reduce the time needed to "tune" expert-rules and avoid human error


eSpheres has an innovative tool using a Domain Specific Language enabling fast tuning of many rules, minimizing human errors. The remaining workload is now mainly focused on adapting the tuning to rules/regulatory changes.

Key figures

  • current scope: 40 rules
  • before: about 3h per rule (average)
  • today: about 20 minutes per rule
  • positive side-effect: reduction of human errors

Industrial paints and composites

This customer uses for many years SAP EH&S Product Safety for SDS authoring. The compliance of products and SDS is a key element for this customer with sales everywhere around the world.

They want to avoid human errors starting rule-sets

eSpheres has developed a reusable tool to manage rule-set permission in order to select for each rule-set:

  • Who is allowed to compute
  • Allowed "Specification type"
  • Allowed "Specification nature"

This avoid all frequent human errors, saving time and money for a better compliance.

Key figures

  • 15 users
  • 12000 products
  • 1400 substances
  • 100 rule-sets grouped in about 6 sequences

Photolithographic systems manufacturer for the semiconductor industry

The electronic industry uses a large variety of chemical products: solvents, glues, polymers, oxidizers, special gases,...

Complying with RoHS and REACH directives, reducing the use of hazardous and Very High Concern substances, giving relevant information to employees are important challenges requiring an high-level hazardous substance management process.

Compliant-Chemicals helps our customer to author bilingual and product-oriented Workplace Instruction Cards and to align their content with up-to-date Safety Data Sheets received from the suppliers.

Railway Infrastructure Company

Our customer has to cope with several concerns that we help to cover with SAP EHS(M) solutions:

  • Be compliant with chemical Product Regulations for all chemicals used for maintenance of rails and associated devices
  • Apply the right level of prevention for their workers against different types of risks and put in place the relevant controls
  • Be compliant with transport regulations of dangerous goods (mainly ADR & RID) (transfers from a centralized warehouse to different logistic centers and workplaces)
  • Assume the management of wastes in the frame of EU and local Waste Regulations

Global SDS report development for discrete manufacturer in Switzerland

Development and implementing of SDS (WWI reports) compliant with GHS/CLP and other local legislations including:

  • Business blueprints and workshops with key HSE users
  • Customizing and development of SAP EHS WWI reports to fulfill requirements
  • Deployed WWI templates for the US, Europe, China, Brazil and GHS

Vendor safety data sheet management at world leader in Vaccines

Project management and SAP EHS development and implementation to upload vendor safety data sheets and extracted data into customers SAP EHS system.

Our customer uses the extracted data to execute the SEVESO reporting in SAP. Our role was as business project manager and SAP EHS expert consulting.

European Pharma administration

Our customer assumes the productions of references samples of medicines to be used by the Pharmaceu-ticals companies.

To ensure the sales and distributions for these products, they have to comply with relevant transport regulations being in force in European countries.

A special attention has to be taken related to the packaging requirements and the obligations for the transports of dangerous goods.

We have implemented an integrated solution between SAP EH&S/DG and SAP SD.

Conflict materials compliance in Microelectronics Industry

Due to the fact that the Microelectronics Industry is using products as row materials or direct material products that potentially could contain substances issued from conflict minerals, it has to produce evidences for their customers that these aren't part of their manufactured products.

This requires to check for the full genealogy of products that all substances that are part of the composition is not issued from one of the conflict minerals. This also implies to take also into consideration all the processing and post processing activities were specific treatments involving the presence of substances are applied (e.g.: back painting).

In parallel they have also to manage informations related to smelters and suppliers with their specific status against conflict minerals.

A specific solution has been designed based on SAP EH&S/PS with a complete specific BOM/BOS mechanism.


Some of our consultants have worked for Solvay during more than 15 years.

  • SAP Global Label Management (GLM) senior project manager (France)
  • SAP EHS Occupational Health (OH) senior project manager (Brussels)
  • SAP EHS Product Safety Consultant and Project Manager (Brussels)
  • SAP EHS Industrial Hygiene (IH) and Occupational Health (OH) senior consultant (Hanover)
  • SAP EHS Industrial Hygiene (IH) and Occupational Health (OH) senior consultant (Brussels)
  • and many others...