SAP EH&S Custom Rule Sets

Do you want to improve the compliance of your Safety Data Sheets ?
Do you lack the specific skills to develop customer specific rule sets ?
Do you need specific data or calculations that are expensive or slow to do with classical SAP tools ?

eSpheres develops for you custom Rule Sets using the most relevant tool to answer your challenges:

  • Adaptation or tuning of Rule Sets from 3E Regulatory Content 1
  • Adaptation or tuning of Rules in the Sphera Compliance Engine
  • COSSTA or MSDS-Maker 2
  • SAP EHS Rule Set Editor
  • or web services 3.

We help you to specify the solution, to choose the correct tool, we implement, document, test and push in Production. We ease your life.

  1. see also our Rule Set Tuning service 

  2. COSSTA, MSDS-MAKER and Rules Editor are SAP proprietary tools 

  3. this is under development by eSpheres s.a.