Microservice Rules for SAP EHS

Do you want to improve the compliance of your Safety Data Sheets ?

Do you lack the specific skills to develop customer specific rule sets ?

Do you need specific data or calculations that are expensive or slow to do with classical SAP tools ?

If you need to compute data in SAP-EHS Product-safety or Product Compliance, you had 4 options:

  • Use a rule set developed using the SAP Rules Editor (or COSTA)
  • Use an Abap program (to develop - good luck)
  • Export - change - import data files (heavy, cryptic, not user friendly)
  • Do it outside SAP and manually copy/paste needed data

Today, do use Microservice Rules for SAP EH&S by eSpheres. Microservices Rules are nearly as powerful as ABAP programs, much more powerful and versatile than classical rule sets, much more convenient for users than export-change-import data files. Microservice Rules can nearly do anything including interacting with Microsoft Excel, external databases, scientific programs, and many others. All dreams can come true.

Our solution can also be use to process data from any sources (including sources inside SAP ECC or S4 like Material Master, QM, Recipes, ...) offering a standardized, human-friendly and readable API, completely integrated into the standard Substance Workbench (transaction CG02).

Practical examples

  1. For Poison Center Notification using 3E Notify ( (c) Verisk3E ), our customer uses a Microservice Rule to initialise data: the rule creates many value assignment instances, one per material sold in E.U., with for each material, the list of relevant countries and packaging information. In a couple of clicks, tens of data are generated. Take a look at our 1 minute demo.

  2. Our customer uses a Microservice Rule to automatically translate long user-defined texts. The Microservice Rule calls the Google Translate API to obtain translation proposals in 10 languages, without a single copy/paste. Take a look at our 45 seconds demo.

  3. We are working to use a Microservice Rule to compare specification data between the production system (not yet updated) and the quality system (after regulatory content update). Users can easily discover the changes

Key business advantages

  • To avoid manual data input
  • To avoid to combine different data sources with complicated excel spreadsheets;
  • To have less data errors, one single source of data
  • To save time and money

Use Microservice Rules for SAP EH&S by eSpheres.


Microservices Rules client side are implemented in ABAP. The server side (a specific algorithm) can be implemented in any language or framework able to serve HTTP requests and understand Json data. We prefer the use of Python + Flask because it is a modern, powerful and versatile language and because all young developers master the Python language nowadays.

PCN data are initialized automatically by a Microservice Rule, saving a lot of time .

(click to enlarge the image) 1 minute demo

Data sources

Microservice rules principles

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