Compliant-Chemicals for Product Regulatory Affair Officers

Compliant Chemicals by eSpheres is the web solution to :

  • Compile your chemicals at product (using any product codes), chemical substance and location levels
  • Simplify the ""SDS collection and inventory processes""
  • Differentiates your products, your supplier’s products (with any type of relations between them), the SDS1 and the SDS releases
  • Help to track SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) and their specific status according to authorisations, restrictions and other regulatory provisions
  • Ease the authoring of multilingual Safety or Workplace Instruction Cards and their publication (using Compliant-Chemicals itself or your own portal)
  • Manage SDS of purchased products. From the identification of the need, to the inventory of multiple SDS, versions through the communication with the suppliers. The SDS collection process can be managed internally or can be totally or partially outsourced to eSpheres or to any qualified service provider.


  1. an SDS is defined by its product, supplier, language, jurisdiction (and if needed, by one or more countries).