Compliant-Chemicals demo

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Prospect industrial sector

Target processes

Expected duration (in minutes)

Attachement of PDF to any objects (PDS files can be uploaded and attached to any objects)

Workflows (Advanced workflow for each object type and client's specific workflows)

Object centric email management (mgt of outgoing and incoming emails. All emails are attached to the related objects and shared between all allowed team members)

Intranet Web Portal (access by read-only users)

Client portal integration (publication of selected information for integration in the client portal)

Extranet Web Portal (publication of selected information to client's business partners like suppliers, customers, distributors,...)

Client's products (mgt of product list using the client's specific code - no supplier related data)

SDS and SDS releases (Mgt of SDS per juridicion, language and country with multiple releases. Upload only, no authoring)

Workplace Instruction cards (list and authoring: mgt of WIC in 1 or 2 languages per plant)

Mgt of changes to Workplace Instruction Cards (mgt of multiple releases of WIC with change tracking and version comparison tools)

Suppliers, Business Partners (management of the supplier list)

Supplier's Products (mgt of product list per supplier, with supplier specific code and data)

Supplier's product <> Product relationship (mgt of multiple relations between client products and supplier's product - can be plant specific)

Plants, companies (mgt of the list of companies and industrial plant of the client. Allows to manage company and plant specific data and to structure product and supplier's product lists)

Workplaces (mgt of workplace list, workplace classification and assignment of products to workplaces)

Product Inventory Management (mgt of quantities of product per workplace and/or locations)

Workers, workers per workplace (mgt of worker lists and of the assignment of workers to workplaces, ability to know which worker is expose to what product)

Exposure per product/workplace (management of exposure -time and quantity- of product per workplace)

Exposure per product/workplace/worker (mgt of exposure -time and quantity- of product per worker)

Phrase Library (multilingual phrase catalog, mandatory for WIC authoring)

Client specific phrase library (optional for WIC authoring)

Compliance Certificates (mgt of compliance certificates per product, supplier's product, supplier, product family)

Bill of ingredients, Bill of components (mgt of Bill of components -discrete industries- and bill of ingredients -process industries-)

Substance Inventory (mgt of bill of substances, computation of bill of substances based on bill of ingredients and other bills of substances, conformity report based on substances)