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Supplier SDS Management Services

Supplier SDS Management Services by eSpheres is the full service to:

  • Contact your suppliers by mail and phone to collect the latest release of the Safety Data Sheet for all your dangerous products
  • Classify, store and archive the received documents
  • Evaluate the quality according CEFIC recommendations
  • Extract structured data (composition, classification, P-phrases, …)
  • Transfer data into your application

The service includes the access to Compliant-Chemicals, the eSpheres’ web solution to :

  • Compile your chemicals at product (using any product codes), chemical substance and location levels (multiple companies, industrial plants and locations per client)
  • Differentiate your products, your supplier’s products, the SDS(1) and the SDS releases
  • Ease the authoring of multilingual Safety or Workplace Instruction Cards and their publication using Compliant-Chemicals itself or your own portal
  • And many other features ...More...

(1) an SDS is defined by its product, supplier, language, jurisdiction (and if needed, by one or more countries)