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Downstream Users

Downstream users are companies (or individuals) who use one or more chemical substances, either on their own or in a mixture, in the course of their industrial or professional activities. They have an very important role to play for the safe use of chemicals by implementing safe use at their own site and exchanging relevant information both to their suppliers and their customers.

Downstream users have to:

  • implement measures specified by their suppliers to ensure the safe use of the substance or take appropriate action
  • take appropriate action if using a substance included in the Authorisation List or the List of Restrictions
  • provide information regarding their uses to suppliers of substances
  • inform their suppliers if they have new information on the hazards of the substance or the risk management advice is not appropriate
  • provide their customers with appropriate information on hazards and conditions of safe use for their mixture (for formulators)

eSpheres is a spin-out of Solvay, a major chemical manufacturer in the world. eSpheres managers and consultants cumulates decades of experience in HSE Information management for the Chemical Industry. Our SAP EHS Consulting practice, our outsourcing services and our software-as-a-service solution "Compliant-Chemicals" are complementary means to offer this expertise to all sectors using chemicals.